Thank you for your interest in participating in 1:1 meetings at Hotec EMEA. Please note that hosted hotelier/procurement specialist positions are limited as Hotec events are intimate-sized events in order to maintain true relationship building opportunities for those attending. To qualify as a hosted hotelier/procurement specialist, you must purchase OS&E and/or tech products/services, have active projects and be a senior decision maker at your company. The majority of hoteliers/procurement specialists accepted to attend Hotec EMEA have $500,000 or more in their spending budget for 2024/2025. If this sounds like you, please complete the form below. We will be in touch promptly with an update on the status of your application. If you have questions, please contact Minmin Wong at [email protected].

Spaces are limited. Hoteliers/Procurement Specialists that are accepted to participate in meetings receive a complimentary conference pass. Conference only passes can be purchased here.


Hotec EMEA Hotelier/Procurement Specialist

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