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Two of the most powerful names in hotel technology, HTNG Europe & Hotec EMEA come together to convene leading hoteliers, procurement specialists and technology partners from across Europe.

The HTNG European Conference is the region’s premier hospitality technology event. Since 2007, HTNG has been holding the event, which brings together hundreds of local and global IT professionals for networking and education. Hotec EMEA brings together senior decision-makers from leading hotel chains, top hotel management companies and purchasing companies from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East to meet face-to-face with key leading domestic and international suppliers. A relaxing, luxurious, intimate setting provides the perfect backdrop to meet, engage, and do business with unprecedented ease, effectiveness and speed.

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Vendor Benefits
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Hotelier/Procurement Specialist Benefits

Conference overview

Traveltech Futures: Guiding the Next-Generation Hospitality Technology

AI Futures Workshop

IT Leadership

Digital Guest Journey

The Real Work of HTNG: Workgroups, Communities of Interest and How You Can Get Involved

The Future of Travel in the Era of AI

How Can Hotels Stop Human Trafficking?

Passpoint & Open Roaming: Creating Guest Engagement to Build Brand & Owner Value


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